Shareholders meeting

The highest administrative body of the Company is the General Shareholders Meeting.

In 2014, 3 General Shareholders Meetings of JSC FPC were held: Annual General Shareholders Meeting and two Extraordinary General Shareholders Meetings.

General Shareholders Meeting Map

General Shareholders Meeting 03/19/2013 11/10/2014
General Shareholders Meeting 6/30/2014
Number of items examined 2 11 5

Decisions made at the Annual General Shareholders Meeting


  • Approved the Annual Report of the Company.
  • Approved JSC FPC’s Annual Financial Statements.
  • Distributed JSC FPC’s net income.
  • Elected the new Board of Directors and the Audit Commission.
  • Appointed Company’s Auditor for 2014 according to Russian accounting standards and IFRS.
  • Specified amounts of annual remuneration of the Board of Directors and the Audit Commission of JSC FPC.
  • Approved the additional agreement to the RIC clearance carriages supply contract between the Company and OJSC TVZ as an interested party transaction.


  • On early termination of a member of JSC FPC Audit Commission.
  • On election of members of JSC FPC Audit Commission.


  • On distribution of the undistributed JSC FPC’s net income.
  • On JSC FPC dividend payment.
  • On determination of denomination, class (type) and number of the additional authorised shares and the rights that these shares grant.
  • On approval of the new JSC FPC Charter.
  • On increasing the authorised capital stock by placing additional shares.