Charitable activities

Charity is an important part of JSC FPC’s work. From year to year, the Company has been increasing its involvement in social initiatives, including provision of social support to employees and retirees, lower-income and poor people, veterans and disabled people. As before, the Company focuses on helping children who need costly treatment or medicines and orphans who are in children’s institutions or have just left them.

In 2014, the Company donated a total of RUB 11.2 million to employees and retirees who found themselves in a difficult situation or faced some real-life hardships and who needed financial assistance, costly treatment or surgery.

Help to children is a priority in the Company’s charity work. A total of RUB 0.6 million was donated to charity funds providing money to children with severe conditions requiring costly treatment.

Helping children deprived of parental care has become a good tradition for JSC FPC. Since 2012, the Company has been sponsoring and supporting the Safronovo Boarding School (in a town called Safronovo in the Smolensk Region). As part of its charity work, the Company bought things that children who were going to leave the school and live as adults needed as well as paid for the renovation of the physical therapy room. The total amount of financial help provided by the Company was RUB 0.3 million. In addition, a charity event called Give Good was held on the eve of the New Year’s Day celebrations for the orphaned children. It was funded with the donations made by employees of the Company’s administration.

The Company has been helping the Russian Orthodox Church for several years. In 2014, it donated 22 passenger carriages, which were to be removed from the inventory, to the Church. The Company took part in the purchase of furniture for the future hotel of the Zadonsk’s Eparchial Monastery of the Nativity of the Mother of God in the Lipetsk Region. The contribution amounted to RUB 0.9 million. The Company also delivered spiritual and educational literature to every region of the Russian Federation at Russian Orthodox Church’s request on a free of charge basis.

As part of the RZD Holding’s charity program, the Company donated a total of RUB 41.0 million for charitable purposes.

The total amount of charity donations was RUB 55.7 million in 2014.