Priority investments

Client-Focused Investment

JSC FPC spent RUB 21.9 billion to improve its client-focused approach, and also JSC FPC purchased 274 new passengers cars in the amount of RUB 21.1 billion and performed the overhaul reconditioning of 23 passenger cars in the amount of RUB 0.3 billion to create more attractive conditions for passengers, to increase comfort and safety of passenger services, and to provide international passenger transportation.

In addition, RUB 0.5 billion was spent on the introduction of new information technologies.

Investment in safety

Investment in safety and quality of transportation services amounted to RUB 1.0 billion in 2014.

The main transport safety investment projects included the following:

  • RUB 0.2 billion on replacement of retiring equipment;
  • RUB 0.3 billion on ensuring that JSC FPC’s facilities comply with fire safety requirements;
  • RUB 0.1 billion on equipment of transport means with GLONASS/GPS satellite navigation systems;
  • RUB 0.2 billion on installation of new frames, bolsters and 1520 mm trucks in passenger cars during scheduled repairs.

Modernisation and Innovation Development

In 2014, JSC FPC spent RUB 1.5 billion on maintenance of existing production facilities and innovations. The bulk of investments went on reconstruction of structures and constructions, as well as on implementation of the project to equip passenger cars with air and water decontamination systems.

Investment in Energy Efficiency

In 2014, JSC FPC spent RUB 0.1 billion on energy saving encouragement and energy efficiency improvement for implementation of energy saving projects to reduce energy consumption, including the project to install pellet-fired boilers in passenger cars.

The size of JSC FPC investment programme is affected by decisions of executive authorities on volume of subsidies to be allocated for compensation on profit losses as a result of state control over railway transportation of passengers in open carriages and carriages with seating on domestic routes. For example, it was decided that additional subsidies should be allocated. As a result, 2013 JSC FPC investment programme was stepped up by RUB 5.5 bln — from RUB 22.6 bln, to RUB 28.1 bln.