Investment structure

In accordance with the strategic guidelines of JSC FPC, based on the integrated system of ranking, the structure of the Company’s investment programme for 2014 by investment priorities, including actual progress, is as follows:

The investment programme of JSC FPC in 2014 totaled RUB 24.5 billion.

When preparing the investment programme for 2014, the bulk of capital investments (RUB 21.1 billion) went on the rolling stock renewal, including acquisition of 274 passenger cars (RUB 20.5 billion).

When preparing the car purchase programme, the priority was given to the purchase of new rolling stock to renew cars of delux trains. To implement this goal, RUB 5.5 billion went on renewal of 146 cars in 2014.

In 2014, the project goal for acquisition of 78 RIC carriages at a cost of RUB 11.6 billion was the provision of international passenger service.

To improve the quality of passenger service on routes with a high passenger flow, to reduce operating costs, to send released rolling stock for replacement of retiring cars on other routes, the project for acquisition of 50 double-decker cars in the amount of RUB 3.4 billion was implemented.

The project Passenger Rolling Stock Upgrade was implemented in the amount of RUB 0.9 billion, including overhaul and renovation of 23 cars in the amount of RUB 0.3 billion.

In addition, the investment programme provided for the implementation of depot renewal projects, as well as investment projects for development of information technologies.

In total, RUB 1.8 billion was spent on the depot renewal. The main depot investment trends included the following:

  • reconstruction of production facilities (RUB 1.3 billion);
  • purchase of the equipment required for maintenance of continuous depot operations (RUB 0.3 billion);
  • equipping of workshops with security and fire alarms (RUB 0.1 billion);
  • renovation of hazardous production facilities (RUB 0.1 billion).

RUB 0.5 billion was invested in IT development. In this area, the priority was given to the development of e-ticket sales, with a total amount of investments of RUB 0.2 billion.

RUB 0.2 billion was spent on the implementation of other projects in 2014.

In 2014, the investment programme sourcing is as follows:

  • internal funds — RUB14.2 billion;
  • loan funds — RUB10.3 billion.

Structure of the Company’s investment programme for 2014

Programme name Programme share, % Rank
Long-term projects (Acquisition of RIC carriages) 49.7 from 63 to 100
Replacement of retiring fixed assets resulting in a direct economic impact (Rolling stock renewal in delux trans) 22.4 From 46 to 100
Projects with direct economic impact (Acquisition of double-decker cars, development of e-ticket sales) 15.2 from 26 to 80
Replacement of retiring fixed assets, resulting in a technological impact (Rolling stock modernisation, Re-equipment of the depot to the level of technical regulations) 11.1 from 18 to 45
Technological and social projects 1.6 from 0 to 25
TOTAL 100.0

Investment programme structure, RUB billion

Program 2014
Rolling stock acquisition 21.1
Rolling stock modernisation 0.9
Depot renewal and safety 1.8
IT programme 0.5
Other 0.2
TOTAL 24.5